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tv   News4 Today  NBC  October 22, 2014 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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car because of traffic the average american spends in the car. >> what a waste. >> and d.c. rated number one for work traffic again this year. >> surprise, surprise. storm team four by four out on the roads for you this morning giving you a look at the conditions you'll be facing on the roads. meteorologist tom kierein here with the conditions outside and your walk to work forecast. good morning, tom. . we're all wet most of the region this morning. getting some heavier downpours north and east of baltimore. these areas in the yellows and oranges, a little thunder and lightning. but that is pretty much has turn theed into showers. and south and east of there and south and west, it's mostly light rain. but enough to make all the roads wet. sidewalks, side streets covered with leaves as well. so it's kind of slippery. heavier showers getting closer to us later this morning. right now around the metro area,
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we have light rain much of prince georges, montgomery, fairfax. this will stay with us the next hour or so. some of the heavier rain moves in 8:00 this morning. low to mid-50s. low 50s between now and 11:00. during the afternoon, the rain will be ending. temperatures should make it to 60 degrees by late afternoon. look at your hour by hour breakdown when storm wings will be in. that's at 5:11. now here's melissa with what's going on now. >> pack your patience. no doubt it will be a little slower for a lot of us this morning because of the rain in the area. 95 as we hop on in stafford, looking pretty good. disabled vehicle at 234. it's off to the shoulder. shouldn't be too much of an
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issue for you. prince georges side of the roadway looking good. taking a wider look at things, you can see inside the beltway here. looking quite good and green. i'll be back in 10 minutes. in arlington, expect lane closures at one of the most frustrating intersections where you drive to work. we are talking wilson. what is being called the intersection of doom. it seems today could be another doomsday. >>reporter: this rain and wind will only add to the frustration. resulting in lots of accidents near the key bridge. this is one of arlington's more accident prone areas. and here's what local police plan to do about it today.
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starting 7:00 this morning, they will put two traffic cops at wilson and lynn street. and then they're going to have some temporary lane closures as well to allow for safer pedestrian flow, which is a real key concern for a lot of people when this area gets jumping in a couple of hours. then they will also reroute construction vehicles away from the busiest areas this morning to ease some of the congestion. this is some of the latest steps being taken in the area to make things a lot safer and to get away from the dubious distinction. we are live this morning in a wet, cold arlington. back to you in the studio. thank you. it's 5:03. we're following developments on the u.s. an nbc news camera man who once had ebola will leave the hospital today. he was flown to a special treatment hospital in omaha. he spent two weeks in a
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biocontainment unit. now doctors say he is completely free of the virus. he is scheduled to be discharged sometime later this morning. relief for a dallas nurse being treated at nih in bethesda. nina pham's condition has been upgraded from fair to good. duncan is the only person to die from the disease in the united states. . we're waiting to learn if the man in new jersey has ebola. he arrived at new york after traveling from liberia. agents discovered he had a fever during a health screening. an ambulance took them to the hospital where he is now in isolation. it will alert other passengers if test results show that the man, in fact, has the deadly disease. dulles international is the only other airport that sent passengers to the hospital with with possible ebola symptoms. in fact, it had four people tested for the virus. each one of the tests came back negative. in all, homeland security said
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562 people have been screened for ebola. all flights from new guinea, liberia and sierra leone can only land at one of the five airports that check for ebola. you can learn more about symptoms and treatment on . in the day ahead, labor secretary thomas perez will visit a u.p.s. training facility in landover. he will tour that high-tech facility. the similarities take trainees through a virtual delivery. it has improved driver skills and has cut down on accidents. they built that with the help of a $1.8 million grant from the labor department. cracking down on a growing problem on metro. what the agency is doing to spread the word and to keep you safer on the trains. you may need a little extra time to get to work as we deal with heavy rain in the region.
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plus, with when the rain will stop falling with your weather and traffic on the 1s at 5:11. the list you want to hear if you're hoping to make sure your child's costume is unique thi
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welcome back. you will have pay more for your next flight. jetblue raised its flights. fares rose $4 to many u.s. cities. the fare hike happened despite lower fuel prices. the list of most popular halloween costumes are out. you can probably guess what is number one for girls. elsa is the most purchased
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beating out princess ana. and for boys, spider-man, followed by a ninja. maybe ninja turtles and batman and superman. d.c. is among the top 10 cities in the hall wean spirit based on candy and decoration sales. they know how to throw a party downtown. adults can have fun as well, right? are you dressing up this year? >> of course not. >> we're doing the family costumes. >> really? >> yeah. wizard of oz. elsa, every time we're in the disney store, the shop is completely bare. >> you can't even say that word. the word that shall not be spoken. your weather and traffic on the 1s. >> i'm dressing up as a hedge fund manager this year.
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>> there you go. >> this morning we have, in addition to your normal way of work, a rain coat and umbrella. showers coming in. monthed rat downpours north and east of baltimore. they will be coming to us. light rain around the metro area. that will be with us for the morning commute. later today, the winds will be increasing. temperatures will struggle to get out of the 50s. lighter showers by noon time. mid-50s. could have a gust of wind over 30 miles per hour as we begin to dry out and the rain ends by late afternoon. it will be 60 degrees by then. a look at a warming trend with your next weather and traffic on the 1s at 5:21. i usually don't predict the traffic. this morning, melissa, i'm predicting fender-benders. >> we know exactly what's coming from the sky and we know what's going to happen because of that. beltway at central avenue, you can see the sheen on the roadway.
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prince george's county, 66 at cedar lane you can see the wet roads there as well. kind of going to be a mess. we know that this morning. otherwise, the roads look pretty good. we keep our fingers crossed that people stay safe. remember to leave a little bit early today. going to need the extra time. >> good advice, melissa. a group of students talking about a swarm of bees that went after them while out on the soccer field. forget waving your hand the a passing cab.
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we're back at 5:15. storm team 4 radar tracking showers this morning. that means slick roads for your commute. meteorologist chuck bell riding around the storm team 4 by 4 to show you exactly what to expect. chuck, good morning. good morning, aaron.
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we're not just riding around randomly. we have the storm team 4 x 4 route 50 to the capital beltway. into prince george's county, landover hills, headed towards bowie in the next couple minutes. that's where the heaviest rain is. pretty heavy showers at 295, route 1 and the beltway near prince george's county. heavy rain this morning. it's going to be a pretty good impact on the roads. luckily, still light traffic. it is only 5:16 on your wednesday morning right now. the wind is going to start to increase a little bit later on today. if you're like us and in a high profile vehicle, slow down just a touch later on today. and also if you need us to come to your neighborhood if you see something on the roads, see if we can get there in time, send it to me @chuckbell4.
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we'll do our best to try to get around during the course of the show. 15s and 45s here this morning. so we have until 5:45 to get somewhere different. we're headed out to bowie. we'll keep you up to date with where the heaviest roads are. but there are definitely fairly substantial puddles on the sides of the roads now. tracking down flashers on trains. police are looking for these four men. they are calling them persons of interest in four separate cases where they exposed themselves to metro riders on the trains. there has been an increase of flashing reports in the last two months. riders are taking notice. >> a single young lady traveling alone, take caution and be cognizant. >> i'm definitely aware of my
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surroundings. i usually feel fairly safe. there's people around, that sort of thing. >> the crime is happening on all the lines at all times of the day. if you recognize these men, call metro transit police. . a warning for parents and children in northern virginia. prince william county police say a man exposed himself to four children walking home on knoll drive. police say the man lowered his pants, exposed himself and ran away. call prince william county police if you have any information on this case. and prince george's county police are looking for a suspect in cheverley. they handed out flyers yesterday. they canvassed the neighborhood hoping somebody might know something about the crime. there's a $25,000 reward for tips lead to go an arrest. this morning the fbi is closely monitoring three teenage girls who tried to join a terror
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group, possibly isis. they're from denver. two of the girls are sisters, ages 17 and 15. another girl was 16 years old. the the fbi says they stole cash from their parents and lied about being sick to stay home from school. instead, they got a flight from denver to chicago. agents found them in frankfurt, germany. they said tickets to istanbul, turkey. their parents called police after finding the missing cash and passports. a suspected serial killer will be in court today. darren vann was arrested in innen after authorities found a woman strangled to death at a motel. vann confessed to kill that woman and six other women. . today we are expecting to learn more about the nationwide outbreak of the enterovirus. a at last count, seven people
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have died after being diagnosed with entero. this doesn't mean the enterovirus was the cause of death, just a link. there have been 1,000 confirmed cases. . our area is remembering ben bradlee, former executive editor of "the post." he sky rocketed to fame in the 1970s. he was at the helm when woodward and bernstein covered watergate and eventually brought down government nixon. he fought the government to get the pentagon papers released. he suffered from alzheimer's disease. tom sherwood worked with him at "the post" shortly after nixon resigned. >> he was so anxious to get into the news. what's happening? what have you got? what have you got? he was always inspiring people to do something. he didn't care about the hum
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drum of the daily news. he wanted to know what's happening, what's happening. incident was a spectacular time for thousands of journalists in the post. >> reaction continues to come in to bradlee's death. a statement, "we loved him deeply, and he will never be forgotten or replaced in our lives." there is more on well, turning to the weather, we are in for a raw and rainy kind of day. >> feeling it already. 5:21 your time. weather and traffic on the 1s. tom, what's coming? >> a live view over washington. we have some light rain here now. but heavier rain likely moving in later this afternoon. looking at the storm team 4 radar. that is north and east of baltimore. the areas in yellow and oranges, it's coming down hard. moderate to heavy downpours near baltimore. that will be getting closer in an hour and 20 minutes.
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some of the heavier downpours moving into our northern suburbs. metro getting light rain, montgomery, prince georges, fairfax, the strict, northern virginia and maryland. and the timing, tapering off to lighter showers by noon time. during the rest of the arch, scattered lighter showers mainly to our west and south. and then by late afternoon much of the rain ending by 5:00 or 6:00. lingering showers lower eastern shore as the crowds break up a bit. winds increasing as well for the evening hours. right now rather cool. low to mid-50s. the mountains all the way to the atlantic beaches. chillier in western maryland. what to wear. you'll need a warm jacket, umbrella and rain boots. this rain with us throughout much of the day. gusty winds moving into tonight
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and tomorrow. a gust of wind over 30 miles per hour on thursday after we get to near 60 today. a nice mild trend just in time for the weekend. friday, saturday, sunday, up near 70. mild into the first part of next week as well. next weather and traffic on the 1s. that's coming up at 5:31. melissa, how are the roads? >> pretty wet already this morning, as you very well know. 270 at jermantown, montgomery county, the roads are wet in the distance. then we have some of these rain drops on the camera blurring things a little bit. taking a look at bw parkway, 95 in maryland, running nicely. the roads are wet pretty much everywhere this morning. woodrow wilson bridge, maryland virginia, wet both ways. a little bit of sheen on the roadway there.
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66 into and out of town looking good right now. remember to follow us on twitter @first4traffic. wow! take a look. that's dramaing cell phone video right there shows a three-car crash in pennsylvania. two men coming back from a delivery. notice the the woman swerving in traffic monday morning. that is when one of them grabbed a cell phone and recorded what you just saw. no one, though, was seriously hurt. this morning two dozen students are recovering after a swarm of bees attacked them at school. 22 middle school students were stung by bees. they were playing soccer outside during p.e. class in fort worth. all the sixth graders were stung at least once. some of them stung as many as 12 times. >> there was a lot of screaming. coaches were trying to get everyone. every kid was screaming trying to get the bees off their backs. >> a spokesman for the school
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district says the bees built a hive inside the underground rear gas station cover box. one student stepped on the box and sent the bees into a frenzy. testing being done to make sure they are not the african killer bees. . a sidewalk for people who walk on the golden gate bridge. the city is putting all options on the table to close a budget deficit. 10,000 walkers and 6,000 cyclists cross the golden gate bridge. >> i have to pay to walk? >> take a picture from the other side. >> that's right. >> we have all been in uncomfortable surroundings on a
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bad date. that's right. getting out of it is as simple as clicking your heels. the device uses youtube to connect to a smartphone app. it can text your friends with your exact coordinates or if you request an uber car. dorothy isn't quite ready just yet. designers are trying to figure out how to make it smaller. pretty cool thing. law enforcement has even contacted them saying if this does prove to be a really cool device, it might come in handy for undercover police officers that go into certain situations. >> yeah. they are hoping to roll it out by next spring. it counts your clicks. >> what if it doesn't work? >> just sit there and keep clicking your heels today. the price of grid lock.
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the amount of money you are wasting every year. well, new problems for the secret service. the tough questions being asked of the agency this morning after a report calls a bizarre assignment being carried out by some of their agents. we are tracking this line of storms and the impact it's having on the commute. havin[ male announcer ] at northrop grumman,
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northrop grumman.
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looking at the stories making headlines right now. police trying to figure out whether they have the man in custody responsible for a string of sexual assaults around d.c. an nbc photographer who had ebola is now ebola free and expected to get out of the hospital today. president obama is among those paying tributes to ben bradlee, former executive editor of the "washington post" who died at his home yesterday. . brace yourself, everybody, for a rough commute as we deal with heavy rain outside. looking live out on the roadways. storm team 4 x 4 tracking the conditions right now. road spray around much of the region. we have late rain in the met
5:31 am
tray areas. heavy downpours will be getting closer to us. within the next hour or so we will have heavier rain now into baltimore, getting closer to the metro area in an hour and 20 minutes. should be near the beltway. coming down 95. anybody driving from howard county, northern prince georges or southeastern, getting closer to washington over the next hour and a half or so, you will be running into heavier rain. we are getting lighter showers, the areas in green, northern virginia, into the suburbs of maryland. we will have light showers for an hour. then moderate rain moves in. cool. low to mid-50s. don't forget to have the headlights on even after the sky brightens and we get daylight. temperatures in the low 50s for the morning commute. drying roads. much better afternoon commute. blustery wind. 60 by later this afternoon.
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next weather and traffic on the 1s hour by hour as the winds are increasing at 5:41. now melissa looking at the wet roads. any problem yet? >> brand-new accident bw parkway northbound at 198. brand-new crash reported. 270 at montrose moving right along. it was pretty wet. it got worse as it hit northwest. you can see into and out of up to, we're completely fine. inner and outer loop looking quite good. 66, 95, into and out of town, there looking just fine. 395 completely green. able disabled vehicle. see you at 5:41 with travel times. new this morning, more questions surrounding the secret service. we're looking to the results of a new government investigation.
5:33 am
it questions emissions that pulled secret service agents away that protects employees a mile away from d.c. tracie, good morng >> reporter: aaron, good morning. later today, we are expecting the inspector general to come out with a a report that said it was problematic. it happened three years ago. it is just now coming out. she had a problem with her neighbor. at one point the neighbor was arrested.
5:34 am
and some of the agents that protect the white house ended up driving out there not once or twice but on five occasions to check on her. now the calls this problematic. we expect to hear more about this later this afternoon. thank you, tracie. the man picked to be an ebola czar will begin his new job today. ron klain was named as coordinator. he will meet with president obama and top aides this afternoon. he once served as joe biden's former chief of staff. some have criticized the president's pick, citing his lack of public health experience. a hospital in arlington turned a woman away from a woman suspected of having ebola. virginia hospital center told the "washington post" it did not have a dedicated space to treat the woman. the patient had gotten sick
5:35 am
after leaving the pentagon. live reports ahead on the "today" show at 7:00 right after news 4 today. we could learn more about what was behind this explosion in 2013 in baltimore county. a train and truck collided there causing a derailment and triggering the explosion in rosedale. the driver of the truck says said he didn't hear the train's horn. the conductor said he did ring the alarm. according to the "washington post", the county council is considering a new bill that requires employers to wait until after the the first job interview to ask about criminal convictions. that bill was approved in committee last month. a public hearing and full council vote is scheduled to happen next month. in alexandria, lawyers for
5:36 am
the man charged in three murders are asking for their client to be unshackled during their visits. they say his wrists handcuffed and he can't have the same kind of communication with his lawyer that other prisoners have. . ray rice is going after the baltimore ravens for his contract termination. the running back was dropped from the time after a video showed him punching his then fiancee in a casino elevator. he has filed a grievance against the ravens, arguing that the nfl collective bargaining agreement protects players from being punished twice for the same rules violation. he was given a two-day suspension and then suspended indefinitely after the video was made public. nfl commissioner roger goodell created a social responsibility team after taking heat for the handling of the rice situation. peter alexander sat down with the head of the team to talk
5:37 am
about what needs to be done to make the league's response better. >> commissioner goodell admitted and said one of the things he felt he did wrong is not have the right people at the table. he's been very specific about what he means by that. he had people at the nfl who had backgrounds like this. and he made a mistake by not listening to the right people and having people with that background. >> you can see peter's entire interview later this morning on the "today" show. getting the word out about a dangerous situation. why the list of cars being recalled because of faulty air bags is now growing. plus, more than just wasted time. how much money you're losing every year because of the time you spent stuck in traffic. oh, speaking of time, you might need a little extra to get to work today as you deal with heavy rain around the d.c. area. looking live at our roadways looking live at our roadways courtesy storm 4 x 4.
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we just need to break it down into simple steps. is that house for sale again? you're changing the subject. we looked at that house. we have so much demanding our money right now but we have to save for later. right...
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that's the house- -with the low ceilings. the let's stick with the subject of retirement conversation. wells fargo can help with my retirement plan. a tool that gives you manageable steps for retirement. we can do it with you or try it online. together we'll go far. have you seen the news about barbara comstock? first, the washington post reported, barbara comstock failed to report eighty-five thousand in income. now, we learn, barbara comstock pushed a client's issues in the virginia legislature and didn't disclose it. barbara comstock shepherded a trio of bills through the legislature and into law, but barbara comstock never officially disclosed that all the while she was being paid thousands of dollars. no wonder she hid it.
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your weather and traffic on the 1s. 5:41. storm team 4 radar showing moderate rain showers north and east of baltimore. that should be at 95 in an thour and 10 minutes. right now metro area getting just some scattered light rain. that's enough to make everything wet. we will stay this way much of the morning. the rain tapers off. mid-50s. the rain ends by 5:00. winds continuing into tonight. next weather and traffic on the 1s at 5:51. what's going on? back to you guys. >> she is, tom. we'll get to that in a second. fitter, let's talk a little
5:42 am
traffic. let's talk your morning routines and rituals. you brush your teeth, get ready and sit in traffic. a new study found americans wasted $124 billion sitting in trfbg la traffic last year. $1,700 per household. the cost of traffic grid lock will soar to $186 billion by 2015 if more isn't done to reduce congestion. at least conversations are happening. >> i think the report said 38 hours extra sitting in traffic. >> everybody is nauseous from this interview. hopefully you can eat your breakfast after you know how much money you're spending. sorry about that, guys. i wish i could do something
5:43 am
about it. believe me, i would be be a rich woman if i could. no major problems right now. a wide look at the beltway. prince george's county, no problems there. 270 southbound from german time to the beltway, on time. virginia, you're on time. no major problems. i'm back in 10. . melissa, thank you. a new security warning for you. the attempted cyber attack aim at gaining access to your personal information stored in cyberspace. . sharing the road. sharing the road. it could make the roads a little
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disgraceful. a personal attack from a desperate candidate. that's how even republican leaders describe this false ad from... ed gillespe. the accusations aren't true. but they are exactly what you would expect from a d.c.... lobbyist, who made millions lobbying for oil companies... and enron. who specialized in dirty tricks as a partisan operative...
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and now he is bringing them to virginia. mark warner is working to solve problems... ed gillespe and his attacks are the problem.
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14 before the hour. grab the umbrella. storm team 4 radar tracking the potential for heavy downpours this morning. let's see how this could impact your commute.
5:47 am
meteorologist chuck bell live in the storm team 4 x 4. chuck, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, aaron. we just passed the exit for branch avenue on the inner loop of the beltway. next stop for us is ox especially hill. we're moving through temple hills. eventually a couple more minutes we'll be crossing over the woodrow wilson bridge. radar shows moderate rain where we are. more moderate showers over the bridge into fairfax county there. a band of much heavier rain out of metropolitan, hour, anne arundel. that heavy rain will be circling back around eventually reaching the northern and western sides of the capital beltway. we'll stick to the inner loop. we're five miles from the draw
5:48 am
bridge itself. lots of road spray. a lot of fall colors are down. >> thanks for the heads-up on that, chuck. . d.c. police are investigating four sexual assaults that happened hours apart from each other. they happened sunday. police arrested 46-year-old comb in two cases. he threatened to rape a george washington student near the metro station. she got away and then he ran. police say he tried to assault another woman on campus shortly after. >> it's very sad. i think we need to do more coming together as a community. >> we still feel safe walking
5:49 am
around campus. police do not believe the incidents are related. malaysia's defense minister says he is confident they will be able to find missing flight 370 that's been missing now several months, since back in march. a new effort is under way now. a ship will be arriving just about 1,000 miles west of australia later today. the ship that was previously there is back at port for resupply. the boeing 777 disappeared back on march 8th. a flight from kuala lumpur to beijing. detectives trying to get to the bottom of an assault allegation against a top ranked high school football program in loudoun county. for the first time police visited briar wood. varsity players are sidelined as
5:50 am
the sheriff's department says if they assaulted two jv players in the locker room. the sheriff's department says they are not ruling out whether this was hazing incident. the school is not commenting. the search for the remains of a missing virginia teen will resume next month. starting next month, teams will search for the remains of a virginia teen who disappeared more than a year ago. nelson county sheriff's deputies will resume their search for 17-year-old alexis murphy. investigators temporarily stopped the search in august because of the thick brush and trees. murphy was last seen as a gas station. randy taylor was convicted in her abduction and murphy. her body has never been found. montgomery county officials are looking for whoever did this, set fire to a playground in kensington. that photo of the play set went up in flames.
5:51 am
it happened monday night at st. paul's park in kensington. now the slide and other equipment, as you can tell from the video images, charred and damaged. completely ruined in some places. if you have any information, call the arson tip line. voicing your concerns about a plan to expand the kennedy center. organizers want to hear about the the environmental impact. it would add classrooms to rehearsal space. it would put more pedestrian and bike trails around the kennedy center. today's public meeting will be held at the kennedy center at 6:30 and will last two hours. . kicking bicyclists off the sidewalks where bike lanes are exist. d.c. is considered a top city in the nation for bike commuting. the number of people using a bike to get to work is up 3% from 2000. . well, we're dealing with rain and wind early this morning.
5:52 am
chance of seeing sunshine highly unlikely. >> lots of clouds obviously in this picture. a lot of folks in our area already dealing with everything from just some showers to some much heavier rain. >> yeah. we want to check in with storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein to figure out when this will all taper off. >> we are getting some light rain in the metro area. these are heavier downpours around baltimore. the areas in red and yellow, that's moderate to heavy rain. that is tracking closer to us. in fact, an hour from now it will be near the beltway where 95 meets the beltway. so watch out for that. some of the heavier down powers moving into montgomery county, howard county. that's about an hour from now. metro area getting light rain in washington, nearby suburbs and prince george's county. fairfax, most locations there
5:53 am
getting light rain as is prince william, fauquier and loudoun county. the timing on the rain later this morning, showers will be tapering off. during the rest of the afternoon, just some light rain by 3:00, 4:00. then by 5:00, much of the rain will be ending. this is what it will be looking like. these areas in light green is the light rain. by 5:00 or 6:00, south of the metro area. after that, cloud cover breaks up. the winds gusty overnight. and by tomorrow morning, it is going to be blustery and chilly. right now it's in the low to mid-50s much of the region. we will need an umbrella, jacket and rain boots. at the bus top this morning, showers near 50 between now and 8:00. low 50s with showers beginning to lighten up a little bit. gusts 25 to 30 miles per hour.
5:54 am
the rain ends 5:00 this afternoon. tomorrow, low 6 0s, partly sunny. trend into the weekend. sunshine back friday, saturday, sunday and the first part of next week looking nice. highs near 70 just about each day. melissa is looking at the deteriorating conditions. >> i just spoke with police. 66 east at nutley street, folks are slowing down past that crash. another crash near the virginia visitors center off to the left side of the roadway. still can cause some slowdowns. we widen out and take a look at virginia, 95. we're pretty much slow. 45 miles per hour the entire way in. just some volume we're seeing at this point this morning. wider look at the beltway. inner loop, outer loop looks good. no major problems.
5:55 am
270 and middlebrook road, a little bit of sheen on the roadway. a delay on penn line, north, 16 minutes behind. follow us on twitte twitter @first4traffic. melissa, thanks. we now know what to blame for a backup that many of us deal with every single day. it is along river road, from d.c. line up to bethesda. crews are digging deep underground. pepco is installing pipes that will care cables for a a new electrical system in the area. people say this makes driving around the area tough but it could pay awe in the end. >> we lose power every single year. this neighborhood in particular loses hour big time. and they're undergrounding the pepco lines so hopefully we don't lose power this winter. >> the heavy duty digging is expected to wrap up in january. 5:55. federal safety regulators installing a warning about faulty air bags install in many
5:56 am
cars. kate rogers has that story. kate, good morning. >> reporter: aaron, good morning. regulators are expanding it to 6.1 million cars. take immediate action if you get a recall notice. . they could rupture and spray metal shrapnel and have been linked to four deaths. target is getting ready for this holiday season. customers have largely moved on. those profits are down 41% so far this year. among the holiday promotions, free shipping on all online, price matching and ship to store pilot program. it allows items to be shipped faster to target stores from
5:57 am
distribution centers. a new security warning if you use apple ipad storage service. there has been a concerted effort to steal passwords and other information from information from the cloud. apple says its own servers have not been compromised but they are taking the threat seriously. . loudoun county board of supervisors could soon get a pay raise. a committee voted in favor of increasing salaries. the chairman would get a $20,000 bump. district supervisors would get $10,000 more in pay. they only work part-time, by the way. the pay hikes would start in 2016 when the next board is in place. they meet again november 10th. this morning there may be new hope that your ride to work will go a little more quickly. the changes coming to a busy arlington intersection in about an hour to speed up your ride to work. your time is 5:57. you're watching news 4 today.
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5:59 am
right now at 6:00, a traffic trouble spot in arlington so bad that police are stepping in. the changes made to ross lip to get you through more quickly.
6:00 am
get ready for a rainy morning. a lot of spray out there. a live picture from the storm team 4 by 4. we're tracking where this rain is heaviest so far. . storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein. good morning, tom >> good morning. we have had this rain off and on overnight. it's beginning to come down a little bit harder as we get over the next hour or so. heavier downpours from the north and east of us. right now raining really hard around baltimore. there you see in the yellows and oranges and reds, that is tracking closer to us. in fact, it will be near the beltway, 95 and 29 in 50 minutes. before 7:00, northern suburbs and around the beltway from route 50 to 95, 29 over to 270, those heavy downpours will move in. scattered right lane. enough to make everything wet. wet roads, watch out for those wet leaves on your front steps when


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